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Bill's trip to New Mexico, September 2021

    After a year with no travel and the loss of Sandra to dementia, complicated by covid, Bill neeeded to pay a visit to Sandra's Uncle Murray in Las Cruces.

    Bill took 7 1/2 days to make the 2130 mile trip, with stops in Emporia (new location), Liberal, Santa Rosa, Las Vegas (NM - new-to-me motel), and Dodge City. I tried to channel Sandra and notice the types of things she always incorporated in her "tid-bits." I also tried to collect some more "virgin roads," roads I had never traveled.

  • The trip description and many pictures are also on Our Personal Blog for September, 2021, which will open in a new window (as will all of the following links).

  • You may prefer to read the text of our blog posts as a PDF document, in order and without the pictures. You can find my trip summary, with comments on gas prices, motels, and restaurants at the end of the blog text.

  • If you're a Facebook friend of Bill, I posted post a picture album there.

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