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Our trip west, July, 2005
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Day 5, July 14 - Farmington to Chinle
Visited Ship Rock again, then went thru Chuska Pass to Lukachukai and on to Canyon de Chelly

Shiprock - the Navajo "Rock with Wings"
Sandra taking shiprock
Sandra taking a picture
rock and dragon's teeth
Shiprock showing the "dragon's teeth"
Bill's favorite shot
Shiprock in the mist
This picture of Shiprock is my favorite. Taken from the road onto Chuska Pass, it's actually taken from Arizona
Redrock country
Red rock country

Canyon de Chelly was one of our favorite sites. We took a guided tour of the canyon, in our own car. Next time, we'll take the jeep tour.
Canyon del Muerto view<
Canyon del Muerto view
Anasazi ruins
Anasazi ruins, from above
Hogan & farm in canyon
View from rim
View from rim
Ruins in canyon
Sandra taking pics
Sandra taking horse pictures - note sandy canyon bottom
More ruins
More ruins
Tour vehicles
Different tours, different vehicles
Canyon view
View of canyon bottom
Sandy bottom
Lots of sand
Canyon in evening
Canyon in evening - see the rainbow
White House ruins from above
White House ruins from above

One feature of Canyon de Chelly is the amazing amount of rock art; some Anasazi, some Navajo.
Anasazi art<
Ancient glyphs
Anasazi art
Ancient glyphs
Kokopelli in a flagstone
Navajo art<
Navajo art
Depicting the Spanish
Depicting the Spanish

We visited Spider Rock in the late afternoon.
Spider rock<
Spider Rock. This picture sold for $45 at State Fair
Sunset over Black Mesa
Spider Rock
Spider Rock with a tree

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