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Our trip west, July, 2005
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Day 3, July 12 - Raton to Albuquerque
Including Taos and Bandelier National Monument

Sandra in Taos
Sandra on Taos Plaza
Sandra & horse
Sandra with horse statue
Horse statues in Taos
Horse statues in Taos

After driving south from Taos, we cut off toward Los Alamos. Instead of touring Los Alamos, we visited Bandelier National Monument
View toward Los Alamos
View from the road to los Alamos
Los Alamos view
View near Los Alamos
Bandelier weather
Bandelier - a storm is coming and we're going!
Bandelier ruins
Bandelier NM - ruins
Bandelier cave
Bandelier NM - caves in the "tuff'
Bandelier ruins
Bandelier - Ruins view
Bandelier & Sandra on ladder
Bandelier NM - Sandra on the ladder looking into a cave
Bandelier rocks
Bandelier NM - narrow passage
Bandelier ruins
Bandelier - rocks and ruins

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