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Our trip west, July, 2005
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Day 9, July 18 - Carlsbad to Lawton
This was strictly a driving day.

Day 10, July 19 - Lawton to Muskogee
We started by touring the Wichita Mountains.

Scott Mountain
Scott Mountain, highest pointin the Wichitas
View in Wichitas
View from Scott Mountain -note the granite
Scenic view
Scenic view from Scott Mtn
Buffalo bull
Buffalo bull
Bison herd
Bufffalo cows & calves

We drove north to Anadarko, home of "Indian City"
Caddo lodge
Caddo lodge reconstruction
Painted jawbone
Painted jawbone
Story hide
Painted story hide
Dancer -this was best part of tour
2 dancers
2 Dancers

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